Why did I do this to myself?

I have a friend here in Hong Kong. She works, 60 hours a week minimum, for one of the big accounting firms. In her spare time she has published several books and authors online columns. For her newest book her publisher is hosting signing events in Hong Kong and China. She is an expert salsa dancer. Last April we went to Bali together for vacation, on the way she dropped by Singapore to attend a wedding. Point is, she is capable of accomplishing all these things and still has time to entertain some sort of social life. Quite impressive.

She’s single and available, qualified individuals can apply

Why can’t I do that? I don’t have any friends here to distract me, I’m not salsa dancing and certainly not working 12 hour days at a big corporation. Yet I can’t seem to finish this business plan. Around 80 pages exist, words, graphs, charts, facts, bullet points, etc. But no plan. My drafts are saved by version, currently I’m on version 10.2.  Last week I mentioned that I got together with my co-founders to complete the plan, the only thing we completed was the realization that we’re nowhere near complete.

Here is a drawing I spent too long on. It’s not even correct.

This Sunday I am going rock climbing at Central Craigs on Hong Kong island with Project X. After spending a week, night and day, in my apartment working on this plan, it will be nice to get out. I guess the summary of this post is: it’s a lot more work than you think.


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