About The Startup

The idea started way back in 2009 as a Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge project called HPFE (Happy Panda Flying Eagle) Company. We got to the semi-finals. From there the idea grew, becoming Re/new Investments, then Xingergy, followed by Innov8tia Environmental Engineering, and now Puraloop Microwave Technologies. The idea was to find and implement a solution to the vast and growing quantities of hazardous industrial sludge and waste plastics being generated and dumped into our environment every day. Large cities in China each produce over 2,000 tons of sludge PER DAY, most of it is dumped. There are nearly 600 such cities in China, that’s a lot of sludge.

This blog is about the startup’s journey from my point of view.


2009 HKSEC


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  1. nice blog ! I’m doing the same – telling the story behind setting up my own company in Hong Kong!

    Check it out : howtomakeitinhongkong.com

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