Are my co-founders the right men for me?

Finding co-founders is like getting married. I’ve read, and believe, that you will spend more time together with your co-founders than you will with your significant other. I haven’t seen or heard much from my two co-founders lately. Have they stood me up, did I have my eyes on the wrong person?

But they said they were into risky ventures

“Are my co-founders the right ones”? During the early stages of a startup I can see how this point is very stressful. As far as I can tell, three possibilities exist:

  • They are the wrong co-founders and will never be as dedicated to the company as the idea founder. Company fail.
  • They are the right co-founders, but have not been properly integrated into the idea or motivated by the idea founder. I needs to work harder.
  • They are the right co-founders, but have simply not entered as deep into the startup as the idea founder has, yet. Idea founder needs to calm down.

Note: The insanity trait is rare for a reason. I call it the saber-tooth tiger gene.



  1. 1) Did you talk with them about these negative thoughts or problems? When collaborating, everyone on the team needs to be open about any thoughts on the project (especially negative thoughts so that you can correct the problem). Be open to them about your thoughts and let them know that they need to be open to the team.
    2) It’s your job (and theirs too) to keep each other motivated. Also, you guys need to know what motivates each other in relation to the project. There’s also general methods to keep up motivation. You can search for these yourself; I wrote a blog post on ways to maintain motivation today, but I’m not publishing it until 2 more days.
    3) Get them involved in the idea process. Usually ideas are never done and is usually updated along with the development. By “idea”, I mean everything involved with your project. I assume your partners’ part involves some of their ideas too. So, you should be involved with their ideas too.
    4) Maybe consider having everyone do a blog entry or email entry of what they did for the week (for the project).

  2. […] and acted on my observations, I wouldn’t of had the problems I had. For the most part I did recognize the problems, I just didn’t act. I hoped that they would change, or that eventually they would respond to […]

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