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Pitch@Palace China Shenanigans

Innov8tia is quite active, so much so that I don’t have time to write blog posts I am not managing my time well enough to write blog posts. One of our recent activities involved traveling to Beijing for the China Pitch@Palace finals, a British entrepreneurship event. Shouldn’t it be “Pitch at a Palace” or “the Palace”? This […]

Nottingham China (Blog), moving to….

No one had claimed the domain until today, when I did. This new blog will cover my education at The University of Nottingham’s Ningbo, China campus. Prospective students and such may find it interesting. I failed to create the startup in Hong Kong. I didn’t have what I needed, Hong Kong didn’t have what […]

I have Failed. Time to become stronger and try again

For the past few months I’ve been looking for real co-founders, presenting Xingergy to investors, the public, the Hong Kong government, business plan competitions, anyone who will listen. I’ve failed. Now it is time to readjust, move somewhere else, get a technical degree, meet new people. Build a better foundation, try again.   Also, Someone […]

In Texas for R&R; moving to Ningbo, China

All the talk about enthusiasm, passion, desire, etc. being the most important part of a startup? It’s all bullshit. The most important part is other people. Co-founders, seed stage investors, supporters. After working in Hong Kong for 18 months on Xingergy without locating these element I am moving the startup to China. My buddy Paul Orlando summarizes […]