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Words of warning to “safe and secure, prestigious” job seekers

My friend Tracy’s first hand experience and warning is at the bottom. Or read a publicized  account of another overworked PwC associate here, who died from working 18 hour days. Chinese language here. To the detriment of  startups, and human existence in general, we all know Asian parents expect their kids to get those “safe and secure, prestigious” […]

Your Corespondent not in a Suit… and as a spy

All the other kids on the block have Linkedin profile photos of themselves in suits. I don’t like suits. I think this looks better. Or maybe as an undercover agent? Oh gosh, what was that noise!? A cat? Where’s the damn flashlight….

Why did I do this to myself?

I have a friend here in Hong Kong. She works, 60 hours a week minimum, for one of the big accounting firms. In her spare time she has published several books and authors online columns. For her newest book her publisher is hosting signing events in Hong Kong and China. She is an expert salsa […]