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What Our Tech Actually Does – a Case Study

We just finished treating three industrial sludge samples provided by a very large multinational waste management and energy company which I’ll call The Company in this article. I want to share these results to provide a better idea of what our technology actually does. Although we’re treating sludge here, we can also treat mixed, dirty […]

Pitch@Palace China Shenanigans

Innov8tia is quite active, so much so that I don’t have time to write blog posts I am not managing my time well enough to write blog posts. One of our recent activities involved traveling to Beijing for the China Pitch@Palace finals, a British entrepreneurship event. Shouldn’t it be “Pitch at a Palace” or “the Palace”? This […]

The word “environment” appears to be trademarked in Zhejiang, China

We are currently in the process of creating a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise aka WFOE aka woofie. This involves multiple engagements with government offices including but not limited to: National Security Bureau Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau Administration Bureau of Industry and Commerce Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision State Tax Bureau Local Tax […]

Not dead, just inadvertent stealth mode

So I haven’t posted in three and a half years. Time for an updated I think. This post is basically a recap from the start plus catching up all three of my readers (hi mom) to today. Back in 2009 I set out to solve an extraordinarily large, yet hidden problem: the dumping of sludge, hazardous […]

Incu-Tech Admission panel at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park

So I’m sitting here in this lobby waiting for someone to let me onto the 8th floor where I’ll (finally) be making Xingergy’s pitch to the Incu-Tech admission panel. The Science Park has delayed my admission panel twice, so I’ve waited about three months. One thing that has me especially worried is a reply I […]

The International Conference on Solid Waste 2013 Hong Kong

This is the first post from my phone. Not sure how it will work out. Happening right now is the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers International Conference on Solid Waste. Your correspondent is not attending due to the US$450 entry price. They have a student rate, set at the low low price of $200. I […]

Tech X Social event Sunday April 21, presenting at

Xingergy will be presenting at’s Tech X Social pitch and presentation this Sunday, April 21. I wouldn’t have known about it if Kevin Au at CUHK hadn’t told me. We will be revealing our new co-founder at the presentation! That’s right. Oddly, one of the guys from StartupsHK is a judge, and I emailed […]

What it actually takes to establish a Hong Kong Limited Company; Part 3

My earlier posts on “how to establish a company in Hong Kong” (Part 1, Part 2) were made while I was attempting to establish a company. Now that I’ve finished establishing a company, and also recovering shares, I can sshare my expeience. There is more than one type of legal entity in Hong Kong. As […]

Presenting Xingergy at Clean Tuesday Hong Kong

I will be presenting my startup at Clean Tuesday Hong Kong‘s 2013 1st Quarter meeting, to be held late January/early February. So if you want to see an exciting presentation about garbage… venir en visite! That should mean “come and visit”, provided by my friend Tracy, a victim of the “safe and secure job”, risk adverse mentality that is strangling innovation and entrepreneurship in […]

Founder’s Pie Calculator, a useful tool for Equity Splits

This is a very sensitive topic. It’s like planning your divorce while you’re on your honeymoon. It also points out the actual, real life level of skin in the game as well as quantity of energy spent and sweat equity…sweated(?) so far by each member. No more time for promises or talk. Time to put up […]