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Hong Kong government joins the startup bandwagon with a new website

The Hong Kong government, via InvestHK, has released a website which is supposed to help startups get started. Good luck. Start Me Up!

If you live in Hong Kong and have eaten vegetables you’ve eaten garbage and heavy metals

Due to high fertilizer costs Chinese farmers are picking up MSW at the local dump, fermenting it, and using it to fertilize their crops. Notice I didn’t say “filter” or “clean”. These crops suck up the nutrients, and the heavy metals, then get shipped to Hong Kong where you enjoy the garbage laced veggies with your local cuisine. […]

Hong Kong Startups are 21x less valuable than other startups

Today I read an article in the South China Morning Post about Nest, one of the more well known startup incubators and investors here in Hong Kong. The outfit holds a pitch day once a month, startups apply and are selected to pitch their startup in hopes of entering into the incubation program. We haven’t applied or […]

Mystery blog “Clean the Air Hong Kong”

Recently I was searching for some data and happened to find this site. It’s called: Clear The Air Energy Blog Power Plants, Renewable Energy and Energy Saving in Hong Kong I have no idea who writes it. The blog posts are almost entirely links to other sites and articles. Are the authors actually located in […]

Waste Recycling in Hong Kong (or lack thereof), and a note on China

  One of this page’s incoming search terms was “the reasons why the hong kongers do not recycle”. Whoever typed that into Google, I’d like to buy you a beer. Recycling rates are around 40%, but that still leaves more than 13,000 tons of MSW heading for landfills every day. This startup proposes to recover […]

Hong Kong Housing vs the World, A Startup’s Real Real Estate costs

I keep writing about Hong Kong housing partly because housing/office/lab rental costs are one of the largest expenses a bootstrapping startup (and what startup isn’t bootstrapping?) has, and partly because the Hong Kong real estate story is so bizarre, depressing, and interesting. Or, as interesting as it can be, in the way that being in a […]

Housing in Hong Kong, Village House New Territories Style

Housing in Hong Kong sucks. And I’m a positive person. The exteriors look like soviet Russia, the interiors feel like they were designed by aliens with no concept of human ergonomics, the architects apparently thought cement is the best building material ever, and worst of all, the rent is too damn high, from the perspective of an average […]

STARTUPS.HK – A directory of (almost) everything startup in Hong Kong

UPDATE: The government got around to creating a site that covers what I proposed here. Check it ou at Welcome to my newest project (anyone want to co-found?),, a website which soon become a searchable directory of/for all the players in the Hong Kong startup scene, including: Startups: ideas, seed stage, funded, exited Money: […]

Singapore VC and government program to assist Startups with hiring issues

I should have moved to Singapore. Come one Hong Kong, where are you? It seems to me that Singapore is wiping the startup floor with Hong Kong. This is from Tech In Asia: Startups always have difficulties hiring and retaining talent. Graduates usually prefer to work in government and corporate jobs that give good salary […]

The Way Hong Kong VCs Should Be

This is via Chris Dixon’s blog, discussing the development, or perhaps innovation, of VC firms: Earlier this year I got to meet the a16z team and observe the operation directly. There are over 60 people at the firm. Only six people do traditional VC activities: investing, joining boards, and helping out. The rest are exclusively […]