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If you live in Hong Kong and have eaten vegetables you’ve eaten garbage and heavy metals

Due to high fertilizer costs Chinese farmers are picking up MSW at the local dump, fermenting it, and using it to fertilize their crops. Notice I didn’t say “filter” or “clean”. These crops suck up the nutrients, and the heavy metals, then get shipped to Hong Kong where you enjoy the garbage laced veggies with your local cuisine. […]


Mystery blog “Clean the Air Hong Kong”

Recently I was searching for some data and happened to find this site. It’s called: Clear The Air Energy Blog Power Plants, Renewable Energy and Energy Saving in Hong Kong I have no idea who writes it. The blog posts are almost entirely links to other sites and articles. Are the authors actually located in […]

Garbage dumps entering the news, and Beijing’s water

Along with all the dead pigs floating in Chinese water ways, landfill garbage is now entering China’s waterways. Or rather, it’s just now entering the news and people’s conscious. The article discusses one dump, but we all know there are thousands more out there, polluting waterways and farmland used by hundreds of millions of people. There […]