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Not dead, just inadvertent stealth mode

So I haven’t posted in three and a half years. Time for an updated I think. This post is basically a recap from the start plus catching up all three of my readers (hi mom) to today. Back in 2009 I set out to solve an extraordinarily large, yet hidden problem: the dumping of sludge, hazardous […]

How To Establish A Company in Hong Kong, part 1

There are two things you have to accomplish in order to establish a company, no less, or it ain’t gonna happen. One: You must become a company. All the co-founders have to be aware that the company exists now, even if it takes no physical form. What I mean is, you have to come to […]

The Saber-tooth Tiger Gene aka the Entrepreneur Gene

In my previous post I mentioned an idea concerning the level of disregard necessary to run a successful startup. If you don’t believe me, believe to this guy: I’ve read studies that claim entrepreneurship is a form of social domination (can’t find the study online), most entrepreneurs are “A type” dominate people, otherwise they’d get […]

Are my co-founders the right men for me?

Finding co-founders is like getting married. I’ve read, and believe, that you will spend more time together with your co-founders than you will with your significant other. I haven’t seen or heard much from my two co-founders lately. Have they stood me up, did I have my eyes on the wrong person? But they said […]

Where am I and how did I get here?

Recently I had a conversation with a church pastor in Seoul. He asked me where I came from. I told him stellar nucleosynthesis, but he didn’t seem to be interested in this. He informed me that I came, “from nothing”, followed by a speech suggesting (I think) the vanity of social hierarchy and materialism. I […]

Who’s writing this?

I am. My name is Seth, the founder of Xingergy, a startup based in Hong Kong. Along with two co-founders (update: co-founder quantity may vary) we are developing microwave plasma gasification and pyrolysis technology to help solve the world’s waste management challenges. This is the story of my journey from wantrepreneur to industrialist tycoon, or failed […]

And it came to be….

This is my first, and hopefully not last, post on this blog. I have started this blog for three primary reasons: ONE I am the founder of a startup, and the internet demands that founders of startups have blogs. The thing is, we’re a garbage company, not a social media/app/photo sharing company; we could have […]