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Hong Kong government joins the startup bandwagon with a new website

The Hong Kong government, via InvestHK, has released a website which is supposed to help startups get started. Good luck. Start Me Up!

Presenting Xingergy at Clean Tuesday Hong Kong

I will be presenting my startup at Clean Tuesday Hong Kong‘s 2013 1st Quarter meeting, to be held late January/early February. So if you want to see an exciting presentation about garbage… venir en visite! That should mean “come and visit”, provided by my friend Tracy, a victim of the “safe and secure job”, risk adverse mentality that is strangling innovation and entrepreneurship in […]

Hong Kong Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Angel Investor Conference

I was lucky enough to receive a free ticket to the Hong Kong Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Angel Investor Conference at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park. Topics and discussions included: Silicon Valley Bank’s role in supporting tech startups and how it can apply in Hong Kong How greater VC and Angel investment activity […]

The nascent startup ecosystem in Hong Kong; lack of all scientists

Someone in the Linkedin StartUpsHK group posted this article in the forum today. The point of the article is that there are not enough people studying and practicing science in Hong Kong who are willing to join a startup. For some reason the article installed the word “computer” in front of the word “science”, though. […]

Austin Tech Ranch Campfire, Texas startup scene

If you’re in Texas I recommend you attend a Campfire hosted by Austin Tech Ranch.  Campfires are open networking/opportunity events held on the second and fourth Friday of every month, starting at 3:30. The single greatest thing about this organization is that they are entrepreneur-centric. Their campfires consist of about 10 minutes of “person on the stage […]

Start Club, Hong Kong startup scene

Lo, what is this image! Can it be that the nascent budding soul of entrepreneurialism in Hong Kong sprang forth this bastard child of hope and reckless abandon? I pray Crom, let it be so. And if it is not, then to hell with you! We’re pitching at the September event, not this one. The […]

Seed and Venture Capital in Hong Kong

UPDATE: A look at a Hong Kong Seed Fund in action, valuing Hong Kong startups 33x lower than the norm. A rather in depth (or long, depending on how you look at it) HKVCA paper on how money gets handed out in Hong Kong. Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Hong Kong’s Entrepreneurial Businesses (pdf) The […]

StartupsHK pitch night and book launch

Tomorrow night, Wed May 16,  I am going to the StartupsHK pitch night. StartupsHK, besides being an abbreviated version of my site’s name, is a group of people who are trying to establish a startup culture in HK. As advertised, established startup entrepreneurs will give talks, some new companies and startups will pitch their plans, […]