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Adding another basket, or maybe another egg. Still not getting paid.

At this point I feel that I should share an “all your eggs in one basket” type of story. All my eggs were in Xingergy, but now they are split between Xingergy and another project. I do not yet know if this is a good idea. Spreading the risk is good, but I am also […]

Final editing of the business plan from Seoul, Korea

For the past two weeks I have been doing nothing but aggregating all of my research and condensing it down into the business plan. I haven’t been eating, sleeping, or writing blog posts. This business plan seems to be like a black hole, it can consume an endless quantity of mass and energy while remaining […]

Decision Making and Marketing

Decision making “China has many composting plants. Technology used in most of the composting plants are rather traditional or out-of-date and can only produce low-quality compost that is not suitable for farmland applications. Hence, most of the plants have difficulty selling their products.” – Municipal Solid Waste Characteristics and Management in China As this is […]