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Hong Kong Housing vs the World, A Startup’s Real Real Estate costs

I keep writing about Hong Kong housing partly because housing/office/lab rental costs are one of the largest expenses a bootstrapping startup (and what startup isn’t bootstrapping?) has, and partly because the Hong Kong real estate story is so bizarre, depressing, and interesting. Or, as interesting as it can be, in the way that being in a […]

Housing in Hong Kong, Village House New Territories Style

Housing in Hong Kong sucks. And I’m a positive person. The exteriors look like soviet Russia, the interiors feel like they were designed by aliens with no concept of human ergonomics, the architects apparently thought cement is the best building material ever, and worst of all, the rent is too damn high, from the perspective of an average […]

Housing in Hong Kong – Bootstraping Startup Version

Update (Dec 2012): New Territories Village House style Update (Jan 2013): Hong Kong Housing vs The World In this post I will attempt to communicate everything I have learned about finding a place to stay in Hong Kong from the perspective of a cheap-o poor person. This post should help the bootstrapping entrepreneur understand the […]