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Introducing Alex, the newest member of Xingergy

The “help wanted” add worked. Alex joined the startup a few days ago, and he’s already asking about holidays and working hours. As a founder, Alex will develop the prototype. Originally from Macau, Alex attended The Chinese University Hong Kong, earning both a bachelors and M.Phil in Physics. Alex’s first assignment is to help design […]


Startup Salaries and Signs of a Bootstrapper

This evening is finance evening. I am trying to create a financial picture of our company, part of this picture is compensation of founders and employees. Research suggests we have to pay the employees otherwise they will not work. Founders, though, the story appears to be different. We will work for free. Or at least […]

And it came to be….

This is my first, and hopefully not last, post on this blog. I have started this blog for three primary reasons: ONE I am the founder of a startup, and the internet demands that founders of startups have blogs. The thing is, we’re a garbage company, not a social media/app/photo sharing company; we could have […]