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What it actually takes to establish a Hong Kong Limited Company; Part 3

My earlier posts on “how to establish a company in Hong Kong” (Part 1, Part 2) were made while I was attempting to establish a company. Now that I’ve finished establishing a company, and also recovering shares, I can sshare my expeience. There is more than one type of legal entity in Hong Kong. As […]

Another Perspective on Starting up in Hong Kong

I recently found a blog by another entrepreneur with eyes on Hong Kong. The man, Joshua Steimle, owns an IT tech company in the US and is planning on moving to Hong Kong around June 2013. As he is married with children, and makes more money than I, his blog provides a very different perspective […]

How to Establish a Company in Hong Kong, part 2

My “How to Establish a Company in Hong Kong” parts aren’t in any particular order. In my first post I said I would supply detailed information on the actual process of establishing a company in Hong Kong after I actually established the company. Type: LIMITED. Hong Kong has more than one type of business entity […]

Hong Kong Science and Technology Park – Biotech Incubation program

Today I paid a visit to the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (STP for short) and CUHK . The point of this blog is supposed to be a record of what it takes to get a startup started up, and I really haven’t been doing a good job of it. This post should be more helpful. In 2009, […]

How To Establish A Company in Hong Kong, part 1

There are two things you have to accomplish in order to establish a company, no less, or it ain’t gonna happen. One: You must become a company. All the co-founders have to be aware that the company exists now, even if it takes no physical form. What I mean is, you have to come to […]