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I don’t think it can be done (a message to skeptics)

A revolution is impossible before it is inevitable. Similarly, technology seems impossible to most people until someone crazy comes along and makes it happen. Before you say “I don’t think it can be done”, consider these quotes: “I am tired of all this sort of thing called science here… We have spent millions in that […]


The Saber-tooth Tiger Gene aka the Entrepreneur Gene

In my previous post I mentioned an idea concerning the level of disregard necessary to run a successful startup. If you don’t believe me, believe to this guy: I’ve read studies that claim entrepreneurship is a form of social domination (can’t find the study online), most entrepreneurs are “A type” dominate people, otherwise they’d get […]

Who’s writing this?

I am. My name is Seth, the founder of Xingergy, a startup based in Hong Kong. Along with two co-founders (update: co-founder quantity may vary) we are developing microwave plasma gasification and pyrolysis technology to help solve the world’s waste management challenges. This is the story of my journey from wantrepreneur to industrialist tycoon, or failed […]

And it came to be….

This is my first, and hopefully not last, post on this blog. I have started this blog for three primary reasons: ONE I am the founder of a startup, and the internet demands that founders of startups have blogs. The thing is, we’re a garbage company, not a social media/app/photo sharing company; we could have […]