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What it actually takes to establish a Hong Kong Limited Company; Part 3

My earlier posts on “how to establish a company in Hong Kong” (Part 1, Part 2) were made while I was attempting to establish a company. Now that I’ve finished establishing a company, and also recovering shares, I can sshare my expeience. There is more than one type of legal entity in Hong Kong. As […]

Presenting Xingergy at Clean Tuesday Hong Kong

I will be presenting my startup at Clean Tuesday Hong Kong‘s 2013 1st Quarter meeting, to be held late January/early February. So if you want to see an exciting presentation about garbage… venir en visite! That should mean “come and visit”, provided by my friend Tracy, a victim of the “safe and secure job”, risk adverse mentality that is strangling innovation and entrepreneurship in […]

Founder’s Pie Calculator, a useful tool for Equity Splits

This is a very sensitive topic. It’s like planning your divorce while you’re on your honeymoon. It also points out the actual, real life level of skin in the game as well as quantity of energy spent and sweat equity…sweated(?) so far by each member. No more time for promises or talk. Time to put up […]

Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge Semi-Finalists; professor mentor required

We’ve been selected as a semi-finalists in the 2012 Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge competition. I was a semi-finalists in the 2009 Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge (HKSEC) as well, back when I was working on landfill gas to energy. We lost to a non-profit which made cupcakes for homeless people. Seriously. The woman closest to me is […]

Prototype 2: Should I remain in Hong Kong? Talent and Investors, a Catch 22

Last Sunday night I put the finishing touches on the second prototype. Check it out: It takes up half my apartment The first prototype was very small, just a proof of concept type thing. This one is operational and dangerous. This prototype also establishes a milestone in the startup. I’ve worked on this startup since […]

Protoype Parts Sourcing Problems; Scientific Equipment Suppliers in Hong Kong

We are having a difficult time securing scientific glassware for our proof of concept prototype we are building. It seems that scientific supply companies in Hong Kong have absolutely no interest in working with small companies. “I knew that my passion lay in experimental science way way back,” says Douglas Osheroff, who shared the 1996 […]

Introducing Alex, the newest member of Xingergy

The “help wanted” add worked. Alex joined the startup a few days ago, and he’s already asking about holidays and working hours. As a founder, Alex will develop the prototype. Originally from Macau, Alex attended The Chinese University Hong Kong, earning both a bachelors and M.Phil in Physics. Alex’s first assignment is to help design […]