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Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge Semi-Finalists; professor mentor required

We’ve been selected as a semi-finalists in the 2012 Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge competition. I was a semi-finalists in the 2009 Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge (HKSEC) as well, back when I was working on landfill gas to energy. We lost to a non-profit which made cupcakes for homeless people. Seriously. The woman closest to me is […]

Prototype 2: Should I remain in Hong Kong? Talent and Investors, a Catch 22

Last Sunday night I put the finishing touches on the second prototype. Check it out: It takes up half my apartment The first prototype was very small, just a proof of concept type thing. This one is operational and dangerous. This prototype also establishes a milestone in the startup. I’ve worked on this startup since […]

Protoype Parts Sourcing Problems; Scientific Equipment Suppliers in Hong Kong

We are having a difficult time securing scientific glassware for our proof of concept prototype we are building. It seems that scientific supply companies in Hong Kong have absolutely no interest in working with small companies. “I knew that my passion lay in experimental science way way back,” says Douglas Osheroff, who shared the 1996 […]

Introducing Alex, the newest member of Xingergy

The “help wanted” add worked. Alex joined the startup a few days ago, and he’s already asking about holidays and working hours. As a founder, Alex will develop the prototype. Originally from Macau, Alex attended The Chinese University Hong Kong, earning both a bachelors and M.Phil in Physics. Alex’s first assignment is to help design […]

Adding another basket, or maybe another egg. Still not getting paid.

At this point I feel that I should share an “all your eggs in one basket” type of story. All my eggs were in Xingergy, but now they are split between Xingergy and another project. I do not yet know if this is a good idea. Spreading the risk is good, but I am also […]

How to Establish a Company in Hong Kong, part 2

My “How to Establish a Company in Hong Kong” parts aren’t in any particular order. In my first post I said I would supply detailed information on the actual process of establishing a company in Hong Kong after I actually established the company. Type: LIMITED. Hong Kong has more than one type of business entity […]

Austin Tech Ranch Campfire, Texas startup scene

If you’re in Texas I recommend you attend a Campfire hosted by Austin Tech Ranch.  Campfires are open networking/opportunity events held on the second and fourth Friday of every month, starting at 3:30. The single greatest thing about this organization is that they are entrepreneur-centric. Their campfires consist of about 10 minutes of “person on the stage […]

How the startup is funded

My friend’s dad, Bob, owns a small company in Dallas. He works out of a nicely decorated warehouse/office. Inside this office there are some empty offices and cubicles. Inside the warehouse is warehouse space, friendly employees, forklifts and other equipment, and an elevated loading dock. I’ve found that if I conduct business at this location, […]

Final editing of the business plan from Seoul, Korea

For the past two weeks I have been doing nothing but aggregating all of my research and condensing it down into the business plan. I haven’t been eating, sleeping, or writing blog posts. This business plan seems to be like a black hole, it can consume an endless quantity of mass and energy while remaining […]

Hong Kong Science and Technology Park – Biotech Incubation program

Today I paid a visit to the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (STP for short) and CUHK . The point of this blog is supposed to be a record of what it takes to get a startup started up, and I really haven’t been doing a good job of it. This post should be more helpful. In 2009, […]