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To solve BIG problems or create a startup

“The world’s largest problems are our greatest opportunities” I came across this idea while reading about Ray Kurzweil and his new employer, Google. Imagine having a mind like his, and now unlimited resources to test the limits of our technology and capabilities. But wait, solving a big problem is a lot of work, solutions are too complicated, and […]


STARTUPS.HK – A directory of (almost) everything startup in Hong Kong

UPDATE: The government got around to creating a site that covers what I proposed here. Check it ou at Welcome to my newest project (anyone want to co-found?),, a website which soon become a searchable directory of/for all the players in the Hong Kong startup scene, including: Startups: ideas, seed stage, funded, exited Money: […]

Decision Making and Marketing

Decision making “China has many composting plants. Technology used in most of the composting plants are rather traditional or out-of-date and can only produce low-quality compost that is not suitable for farmland applications. Hence, most of the plants have difficulty selling their products.” – Municipal Solid Waste Characteristics and Management in China As this is […]