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Start Club, Hong Kong startup scene

Lo, what is this image! Can it be that the nascent budding soul of entrepreneurialism in Hong Kong sprang forth this bastard child of hope and reckless abandon? I pray Crom, let it be so. And if it is not, then to hell with you! We’re pitching at the September event, not this one. The […]

Seed and Venture Capital in Hong Kong

UPDATE: A look at a Hong Kong Seed Fund in action, valuing Hong Kong startups 33x lower than the norm. A rather in depth (or long, depending on how you look at it) HKVCA paper on how money gets handed out in Hong Kong. Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Hong Kong’s Entrepreneurial Businesses (pdf) The […]

Housing in Hong Kong – Bootstraping Startup Version

Update (Dec 2012): New Territories Village House style Update (Jan 2013): Hong Kong Housing vs The World In this post I will attempt to communicate everything I have learned about finding a place to stay in Hong Kong from the perspective of a cheap-o poor person. This post should help the bootstrapping entrepreneur understand the […]