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Garbage dumps entering the news, and Beijing’s water

Along with all the dead pigs floating in Chinese water ways, landfill garbage is now entering China’s waterways. Or rather, it’s just now entering the news and people’s conscious. The article discusses one dump, but we all know there are thousands more out there, polluting waterways and farmland used by hundreds of millions of people. There […]

Waste Recycling in Hong Kong (or lack thereof), and a note on China

  One of this page’s incoming search terms was “the reasons why the hong kongers do not recycle”. Whoever typed that into Google, I’d like to buy you a beer. Recycling rates are around 40%, but that still leaves more than 13,000 tons of MSW heading for landfills every day. This startup proposes to recover […]

The CCP is not responsible for the environment

Politicians always say “that’s not my department” when confronted with a problem. So this genius (and brave) Chinese journalist asks the question, “who is responsible for and who will fix our environment”? to the entire CCP at their annual meeting. In response they all stare at their little notepads, ignoring her.

Chinese people aren’t taking it anymore. $32,000 to go swimming.

From Yahoo news, some Chinese businessmen are offering decent sums of money to Environmental Protection Government Officials to swim in polluted rivers which are supposed to be protected by these officials. One good point is that the public is being asked to hold some responsibility. I predict no official will take up the challenge. Actually, that’s a good idea. Change this […]

Work Life Balance, aka Work & Rock Climbing

Entrepreneurship is hard, it’s painful. Sometimes, you wonder why the hell you’re doing it. Same with rock climbing. It’s hard, it’s painful, it’s a lot of fun. Also, you better make it to the top if you’re leading. So naturally, as an entrepreneur, I enjoy rock climbing. Me leading, with Kali belaying. Lion Rock, Kowloon.

Hong Kong Housing vs the World, A Startup’s Real Real Estate costs

I keep writing about Hong Kong housing partly because housing/office/lab rental costs are one of the largest expenses a bootstrapping startup (and what startup isn’t bootstrapping?) has, and partly because the Hong Kong real estate story is so bizarre, depressing, and interesting. Or, as interesting as it can be, in the way that being in a […]

Presenting Xingergy at Clean Tuesday Hong Kong

I will be presenting my startup at Clean Tuesday Hong Kong‘s 2013 1st Quarter meeting, to be held late January/early February. So if you want to see an exciting presentation about garbage… venir en visite! That should mean “come and visit”, provided by my friend Tracy, a victim of the “safe and secure job”, risk adverse mentality that is strangling innovation and entrepreneurship in […]

On Success in Life

Plan for success: Pick the biggest problem you can think of, something that will change the world, and start to work. You’ll fail, start scaling down until you succeed. Complete larger and larger projects, being sure to experience little failures often so as to ensure that you are pushing your limits. As you get older, […]

To solve BIG problems or create a startup

“The world’s largest problems are our greatest opportunities” I came across this idea while reading about Ray Kurzweil and his new employer, Google. Imagine having a mind like his, and now unlimited resources to test the limits of our technology and capabilities. But wait, solving a big problem is a lot of work, solutions are too complicated, and […]

Housing in Hong Kong, Village House New Territories Style

Housing in Hong Kong sucks. And I’m a positive person. The exteriors look like soviet Russia, the interiors feel like they were designed by aliens with no concept of human ergonomics, the architects apparently thought cement is the best building material ever, and worst of all, the rent is too damn high, from the perspective of an average […]