I have Failed. Time to become stronger and try again

For the past few months I’ve been looking for real co-founders, presenting Xingergy to investors, the public, the Hong Kong government, business plan competitions, anyone who will listen. I’ve failed. Now it is time to readjust, move somewhere else, get a technical degree, meet new people. Build a better foundation, try again.


Also, Someone nominated me for the “Sustainable Living, Young Entrepreneurs Award“. Too bad I don’t qualify, when I started Xingergy I was younger than 30, but not anymore.


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  1. […] One thing we learned was that scientific supply companies are NOT friendly to startups. We also learned we couldn’t afford analytical testing of the results. We did accomplish something: I knew what needed to be done. I also realized I couldn’t get it done in Hong Kong. So in September 2013 I wrote this: […]

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