Presenting Xingergy at Clean Tuesday Hong Kong

I will be presenting my startup at Clean Tuesday Hong Kong‘s 2013 1st Quarter meeting, to be held late January/early February. So if you want to see an exciting presentation about garbage… venir en visite! That should mean “come and visit”, provided by my friend Tracy, a victim of the “safe and secure job”, risk adverse mentality that is strangling innovation and entrepreneurship in Asia. But I digress.

Clean Tuesday, a French non-profit founded in 2008, supports the development of clean technologies in France and several other regions, including, of course, Hong Kong.

I’m not sure why they are called Clean Tuesday either. Maybe the original group in Paris met on Tuesdays. The name fits in Hong Kong if only for the reason you’re only going to breath relatively clean air once a week. Might as well be Tuesday.

Tracy in Bali

Tracy enjoying the clean air, maybe even thinking in French


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