To solve BIG problems or create a startup

“The world’s largest problems are our greatest opportunities” I came across this idea while reading about Ray Kurzweil and his new employer, Google. Imagine having a mind like his, and now unlimited resources to test the limits of our technology and capabilities.

But wait, solving a big problem is a lot of work, solutions are too complicated, and you probably won’t get funded anyway, so why don’t we just build a startup instead? That’s what this guy did. He put a small aquarium pump and filter inside a coffee mug, then marketed the Hell out of it. He assembled a *world class team of designers and engineers* to do it. And damn, did he make a hip video or what? Check out those Warbly Parkers. Great name as well, too bad the actual product doesn’t look very useful. It looks like something you get for a present, use twice, then put in the closet.

Seriously, how do people get away with this kind of stuff? Marketing…. marketing…. today’s lesson is marketing. Something I know I need to work on.


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