Introducing Alex, the newest member of Xingergy

The “help wanted” add worked. Alex joined the startup a few days ago, and he’s already asking about holidays and working hours. As a founder, Alex will develop the prototype. Originally from Macau, Alex attended The Chinese University Hong Kong, earning both a bachelors and M.Phil in Physics.

Alex’s first assignment is to help design the proof of concept prototype and source the necessary supplies. We visited several scientific supply companies in Hong Kong, who turned out to be totally useless (I’ll write a post on that later), and so spent the majority of our time searching online. We’ve got a problem in designing a reactor vessel that can 1) withstand 800 degrees C, 2) is air tight, 3) can open up so that large material is inserted inside, 4) has an 8mm inlet on top, and 5) doesn’t take 8 weeks and $500 to be custom made. So let’s see how he does with this challenge.

Still Missing
We are still missing a chemist/chemical engineer. Just pointing that out. There are only three full time founder spots available, two are already taken. Get ’em while they last!

Alex wonders why he joined a startup, where the sales rep
went, and why the equipment looks like it is from the 1970s.


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