The nascent startup ecosystem in Hong Kong; lack of all scientists

Someone in the Linkedin StartUpsHK group posted this article in the forum today. The point of the article is that there are not enough people studying and practicing science in Hong Kong who are willing to join a startup. For some reason the article installed the word “computer” in front of the word “science”, though. I am sure they are aware that both computer science and life science startups are equally important, with the two together accounting for 48% of IPOs, 74% of angel money and 71% of VC money (first decade of 2000, in the US, per “The Founder’s Delemmas“), so I don’t know why they limited themselves. Sure, computer science tech startups are cooler more publicized, and maybe is only for computer science, but still…

It is a good article, I agree with the premise; I too wish for more Hong Kong scientists and will do my part to develop the Hong Kong startup scene.

We need scientists. If you’ve got a degree in physics, chemical engineering, or chemistry, creative critical thinking skills, ability to come up with solutions that don’t yet exist, an independent work attitude, high appetite for risk and uncertainty, and are in Hong Kong or can get yourself here, come join our company. You know who to call. Just in case you don’t know who to call, it’s me. Call me. Seth.


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