Decision Making and Marketing

Decision making

“China has many composting plants. Technology used in most of the composting plants are rather traditional or out-of-date and can only produce low-quality compost that is not suitable for farmland applications. Hence, most of the plants have difficulty selling their products.” – Municipal Solid Waste Characteristics and Management in China

As this is the case, one must ask the question, “what decision making process results in the decision to build the many composting plants in China?” One of the following, a combination of, or most likely, all of the below, must be responsible for these bad decisions:

  1. Complete ineptitude on the part of the decision makers. Why would you build a facility that produces a product which doesn’t meet the minimum quality requirements market? That is like building a facility which you know will make cars that don’t work, yet you build the factory anyway.
  2. Ignorance of the production process, quality of the final product, or requirements of the market. Either way, it’s ignorance. Which is different than stupidity and is inexcusable.
  3. Corruption. Historically waste management has been the responsibility of the government, therefore most waste management companies are SOEs. The plant, the product, and the market all take a back seat to the bank account of a few select people.


This is a Korean brand, 피죤. If you’re going to sell your product in markets which use English to communicate, don’t name your fabric softener and detergent brand after a bird that is known primarily for pooping on people, cars, buildings, and statues. Unless you’re trying to say it’s very good at getting pigeon poop out of clothing.

caution: graphic image


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