StartupsHK pitch night and book launch

Tomorrow night, Wed May 16,  I am going to the StartupsHK pitch night. StartupsHK, besides being an abbreviated version of my site’s name, is a group of people who are trying to establish a startup culture in HK. As advertised, established startup entrepreneurs will give talks, some new companies and startups will pitch their plans, and someone is launching a book about startups. It’s held in Lan Kwai Fong, which is the party center of Hong Kong, so I hope it’s not too loud and is more “work” than “party”. I really don’t like parties.

My plan is to go there and assess the startup culture of Hong Kong. A recon mission. Hopefully Raymond, our business’s co-founder, networker and Chief Business Development Officer, will be able to attend as well. Problem is, he’s disappeared recently. I think he’s in mainland China, he was scheduled to go there last week but I think he had to change plans. Xingergy needs a company calendar.

One thing about this event that has bothered me to no end is that they used the letter “I” instead of a “1” in their advertisement. Now I’m in no position to throw rocks, in fact I promote screwups, it’s how most progress is made. But little errors, like a tile that is slightly off colour from the rest, or a crooked picture on the wall, these things drive me crazy.

This is more of my problem than theirs


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